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Many have questioned the legitimacy of Nick Plenty:

“Is this for real? I wouldn’t buy anything from this guy. -B. Thompson”

Well, Mr. Thompson…  Now, you can see this IS real! Nick Plenty changes lives. He speaks publicly about his success and helps others achieve success as well.

Success can be yours!
Change Your Life! Live Your Dreams!

-Nick Plenty

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Quick Post to say New Video up on YouTube!

Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNffxiXZN2s



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Here is the latest edition to the “A Millionaires Life” series.

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Check out this video by clicking: Nick Plenty – A Millionaires Life – Motivating The Staff


Nick PlentyTake Hold! Success is at hand!!

Nick has finally changed the lives of over 10 million people worldwide!

These are exciting times that we live in.

Coming Soon – Nick Plenty’s Presidential Endorsement!

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How To Be Successful

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So, you’re wondering how to be successful? It’s not as complicated as many of you poor people think.

There are 5 simple steps to take to become a successful person like me. It’s as simple as just following the instructions that I give you and many of you won’t even be able to do that. These aren’t things you’ll find anywhere else.

Let’s get started.

Set Goals

Where do you want to be in the next 30 days? How about 6 months? 1 year? Not having goals is like driving down the road at night without your headlights on. You will end up somewhere, but it could be right into a tree or off the side of a cliff. This is covered in my book “Setup For Success”, but unfortunately, it sold out and no one is selling it on Ebay right now because the words of wisdom not found anywhere else. You can still learn how to set your goals, but I did find a book about goal setting for you. You’re welcome. Have YOU set any goals lately?

Write the goal down. Feels dumb doesn’t it? Who cares. Do you want to be successful or not? Get to it.

Develop a Plan

Do I really have to tell you this stuff? Once you have your goals set, you’ve got to come up with a plan. This isn’t some new philosophy. Developing a plan comes down to one simple question — How can I achieve my goal?

Right under where you wrote down your goal, write down your “plan of action”. Yes, it can be in crayon. I wrote mine down in blood because I was that serious.

Look Ahead

If you look back, all you see is poor people. You look ahead and you’ll see me. You’ve got to begin developing a mindset of lots of money. How you ask? Some say write a check to yourself with the amount of your goal and put a date. Now, you’ve got to look ahead and see yourself cashing your check and how that will make you feel. Hold onto that feeling like you hold onto those $5 bills right now!

Take Action

When I say “Take Action”, I mean get off your can and get moving. You know who does the best work for me? It’s not John. It’s not Melanie. It’s certainly not Timothy. It’s Nick. That’s right. Me. I’m a self made millionaire and no one did that for me.

I stuck to the plan I’ve laid out right in front of you here in this note. This made me successful and it can make you successful too. I’m the real deal people and I just want to help you!

If you have questions please put a comment and I will personally answer your questions. Who am I kidding? I don’t have time. Someone will answer your questions from my staff. Consider it from me.

If you want to post negative comments, you’re only hurting yourself and showing you’ll always live in your trailer, tent, bench in the park or whatever.

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This individuals life changed forever when he discovered – Nick Plenty.

Now, he’s living the dream. You can’t make these kind of real life testimonials up.

I’m in tears almost as I write this post. Thanks poor person.

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New Video Posted on YouTube!

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Hired a Broke Person

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and they obviously didn’t need the money bad enough. So, Brad, it’s back to the street with you! I know you’re reading this.

I apologize for the link to Episode #2 not working. The idiot put the link for Episode 1 up there.

I’ve hired someone new to post here for me. I personally don’t feel like posting instead of sitting in my indoor pool or watching the latest hottie washing one of my cars.

The link has been fixed (it was so simple a monkey could do it).

Brad, one last note to you. You can be successful, but you have to try harder. Read all the book I gave you. On page 234 of “Cut The Head Off Debt”, there’s quite a bit you can take from just that one page that will help you. Good Luck To You.

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Check out the new episode on YouTube!!

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Some people are trying to stop me from getting my message
out to the millions, but I’m not stopping until we are all
filthy, stinking rich!!


I hope you enjoy the video. Comment there, comment here, comment everywhere!

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I got the opportunity to meet so many unique people at the Ardmore, OK. conference last weekend. Every last one of these people were broke and desperately seeking my help. I was there for them.

I know that I had an impact on over 10,000 lives that day. Each time I go on stage, I change lives. That’s something I’m proud of. Have YOU changed any lives lately?

When you go to your lame job today, tomorrow, or whenever… Or you go to your struggling company, just think “Have I changed any lives lately?”, the answer is “NO! I haven’t”. Then, change a life. It doesn’t have to be monetary. It could be as small as just saying “You can do better. Go take a bath and live life to the fullest!”

You can now see me on MySpace, YouTube, FaceBook, and Check out This Stuff Too!!! If this stuff gets a little out of date, I’ll be firing some people.

Are you EXCITED? Do you want MILLIONS?!? Are you ready to LIVE YOUR DREAMS?!?

I’m Nick Plenty. I can show you how!!

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